Let's Tell a Story Together
(A History of Interactive Fiction)
Copyright 2006 by Jimmy Maher

1.  What is Interactive Fiction?
2.  The Birth of a Genre
3.  Bringing IF Home
4.  Infocom
5.  The Infocom Canon
6.  The Rest of Commercial IF
7.  The End of an Era
8.  The Growth of Hobbyist IF
9.  The Evolution of a Community
10. Suggested Works of Modern IF
11. The State of IF Today

September 26, 2011
Courtesy of Rick Reynolds, you can now read Let's Tell a Story Together on your e-reader. If you have a Kindle, you'll need the .mobi version. If you have something else, the .epub version is for you. Huge thanks to Rick for putting these together!

Version 1.0: May 8, 2006
Initial relase.

Version 1.01: June 11, 2006
Corrected some horrific typos in Chapter 10.  While my cat Random was quite happy to learn that Whom the Telling Changed offered the human player "the opportunity to develop a tail of his own," that was not my intended meaning.

Version 1.02: July 10, 2006
Corrected more typos and a fair number of outright factual errors.  Also added a bit of additional info here and there.  My thanks to Graham Nelson, Duncan Stevens, Bob Bates, Steve Meretzky, Tim Anderson, and David Whyld for their patient corrections and suggestions.

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