You will meet many personalities during your time in The King of Shreds and Patches. Here is just a sampling...

You are Robert Fletcher. Your father believes you are wasting your Cambridge education working as the proprietor of a tiny London printworks, but you believe yourself to be on the vanguard of a revolution. You are a man of letters rather than a man of action, but when you find evidence of an occult conspiracy within the world of London theater that you know so well, you might just find yourself capable of more than you ever imagined.
Lucy Henry loves literature and the theater as much as you do. She is unusually liberated and opinionated for one of her sex, perhaps dangerously so. You once spent a great deal of time with her, so much so that you started to believe her family might overlook your humble station as a minor printworks proprietor and allow you to marry her. After all, she was already 25 and had no other obvious prospects that you were aware of. Then one day she suddenly cut off all contact. Why? Could there be someone else after all? And why is she suddenly asking for your help now?
Simon Eames is the proprietor of the Mermaid Inn, a popular watering hole for playwrights, actors, musicians, and other (as Simon would say) "artiste types." He certainly seems a jolly sort, and he knows quite a lot about his patrons and their secrets. But does he know still more that he's not telling you?
As the most popular playwright in London, William Shakespeare needs no introduction. You've heard rumors that his personal life is not exactly unimpeachable, but he never struck you as one to dabble in the art of black magic. So why does his name keep coming up in connection to just that?
Once an up-and-coming composer and all-around musical prodigy, David Moore apparently got too close to things better left alone. Now he catches and eats the rats he spots through his one remaining eye, all the while babbling maniacally about his "King."
There was a time when John Dee could count himself one of the most trusted advisors to Queen Elizabeth herself, but he fell out of her favor years ago. Now he sits in his cluttered study muttering to himself, a broken, lonely man. Even if he is no longer the man he once was, though, he still knows more about the occult than virtually anyone in England. This could make him extremely valuable to you -- or, just as likely, extremely dangerous.

Plus many more...