There are so many people who have been so helpful over the two years I spent writing The King of Shreds and Patches:

Thank you to Josh Lawrence, who created my striking and snazzy cover art -- and thank you to Emily Short for organizing the cover art drive that inspired Josh's work.

Thank you to everyone behind the Inform 7 interactive fiction programming language in which this work is coded -- Graham Nelson, Emily Short, David Kinder, all of you. It's an amazing piece of work. I couldn't imagine creating a work of this scope using any other tool. If you're inspired by the idea of creating IF of your own, visit the Inform 7 homepage to get started.

Thank you to Emily Short (yet again), Eric Eve, Jon Ingold, Andrew Owen, and Stephen Granade. Their Inform 7 extensions saved me countless hours of coding from scratch.

A heartfelt thank you to my team of beta testers: Sam Kabo Ashwell, Darkstar, Felix Plesoianu, Jacqueline Lott, Katzy, Norvell Spearman, Aaron Reed, Valentine Kopteltsev, and Vivienne Dunstan. You guys were all so helpful, and even when you told me things I didn't want to hear -- especially when you told me things I didn't want to hear -- the end result was a better work. Any bugs that remain are of course my fault, not theirs.

And a huge thank you to my alpha tester, gamma tester, motivator, taskmaster, and soul mate, the best wife in the world, Dorte Lassen. It's finally done, sweetheart -- and it's dedicated to you.